Fire Safety

  • Identify how most fires start in the home and learn about prevention.

  • Smoke alarm demonstration. Learn what it is, what noise it makes, correct positioning and testing.

  • What to do if a smoke alarm sounds.

  • Make an escape plan for your home; identify different ways out and what to do once out.

  • How to call the fire service in an emergency.

  • How to escape a smoke filled room.

  • How to prevent smoke from entering a room.

  • How to check if fire is behind a door.

  • What to do if yours or someone else’s clothes caught fire.

  • Fire triangle.

  • Describe basic fire safety for ovens, hobs, toasters.

  • Describe basic fire safety for fires and heaters.

  • Describe basic fire safety for people who smoke.

Information and challenges to take home.