Hi my name is Rob from Firefighter Fit Kids. I'm a father of three to 2 energetic, clever, beautiful, strong willed and sensitive twin girls (read: emotional and stubborn) who are 6. My little boy, the final piece to the puzzle is 20 months. 

That's roughly 16 months of him wanting to be a 6 year old! Heading for the girls treat cupboard and definitely getting an easier ride than they ever did! They light up my world and as you will read Firefighter Fit Kids is for them. I know first hand how hard it is to run a busy household. I've become an almost stay at home dad around my shifts so that my wife (an incredibly hard working mum), can set a great work ethic for the kids.

Me and my kids!
Our Fire Fighter Fit Kids

I'm fitness mad! I always have been and my job has allowed me to travel and take part in some amazing events. Ironman races, marathons and cycling all over Europe. The family have travelled the length of the country to watch me take part in these races and I always hoped that this would have a positive effect on the girls love of health and fitness.

What I soon started to notice as busy working parents is that time passes and the kids can be easily left in front of a TV/tablet in exchange for a never ending pile of washing! Not something I'm comfortable with but most definitely guilty of.

When the girls started school I had visions of after school sports activities, running clubs, hockey, net ball and endless sessions to burn their never fading energy. (Contributed to by the sugary school deserts everyday, but that's another blog). Unfortunately our teachers are stretched to breaking point on financial restraints, working to the most insane deadlines and something's got to give! And I'm afraid it's the awareness of health and fitness in our youth, hence the incredibly alarming rates of childhood obesity within our primary our schools.
This is not cool!

The other thing I struggle with, is where are the role models for my kids? Half dressed pop stars singing of things I find embarrassing or the footballer putting his middle finger up at the referee in front of thousands of kids for roughly 100k a week!
Really not cool!

A little while back my girls had a play date (that's more emotional stubborn 6 year olds in the house) and I wanted to keep them amused. I started to do some exercise with them, based on them being firefighters. They loved it! And then I got thinking, generally kids love firefighters. They see us as a trusted service. In their eyes only doing good, a heroic figure entering fires just like they see in the movies. My head started to fill with some great ideas and as I pieced it all together I realised the fire service/firefighters can hit every worry I ever had! This was the start of it for me.
Whilst on duty not a day passes where we don't have kids waving as we drive past on the truck, schools turning up at the station so the kids can look around in awe of the BA sets, tools, shouting to sound the sirens and sitting in the drivers seat. Mums knocking on the door so their little ones can come in and say hello.
The more I though of it, the more we covered it.

A strong healthy team that rely on being fit, eating well and pulling together like family for incredible results. The perfect achievable role models for any young child.

Single session at school

visit primary schools and work with children aged 5-11. My idea seems unbelievably popular with the schools and we have designed firefighter related session that cover nutrition, health, and firefighter HIITs. I have even covered the dreaded tablet time with the introduction of our YouTube channel and are working on stories for the little ones that include pictures, firefighting, food and fitness. Rather than my kids watching American children open eggs they now watch a firefighter fit kid workouts and will hopefully be staring in a few videos soon. (Unfortunately the opening eggs thing still exists. In my house and the world!)

I am unbelievably dedicated to improving the health of the next generation and will continue to design new fun inspiring HIIT sessions aimed for kids with firefighting twists.

This is my first ever blog and I hope it reflects upon what I are aiming to achieve at FFK and you have enjoyed reading it.
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Stay safe, test your smoke alarm and thank you for your support.

Rob Lindley
Firefighter fit kids