Inclusive of their family

We give our FFK challenges which they will go home to discuss with their families and complete.
There will be handouts which will include information that they have learnt during that session. These also give us the opportunity to give a slightly deeper perspective to their parents, including a “bit for the grown ups” section.
We will have a social media presence so that parents can contact or follow us for more tips including recipes, work out sessions and stories.
We will also be able and willing to provide online support and help.

Cost effective

We are covering a lot of topics and providing skills and knowledge we feel children need to help grow into fitter and healthier adults. We will also be giving our FFK with handouts so the learning points can be shared with their families and reinforced at home.

Positive role models

As firefighters we are lucky to automatically have the admiration from children and we’d like to take advantage of that. The teaching methods are all firefighter job related which keeps the children engaged. There will always be 2 passionate instructors, one male and one female at each session and we aim to promote the firefighter role to both boys and girls.


All sessions will be led by a firefighter with the following qualifications:

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

  • Level 1 Food Safety and Hygiene

  • Food Allergy Awareness

  • First Aid at work

  • Safeguarding Children

  • Disclosure and Barring Service check

Sense of achievement and success

“Not being very good” is one of the most common reasons stopping 22% of children wanting to take part in physical activity.

19% of children said they were less active due to the lack of sports or activities they enjoyed.

Being active made the majority of 5-11 year olds feel happier (79%), and more sociable (74%), according to  their parents. They don’t need to be the fittest, smartest or the most physically talented to get the most out of our sessions. We want our FFK to learn and enjoy taking part by providing a broader experience of health and fitness.


We offer a range of bespoke packages.
Single sessions provide a snapshot into what we do.
Courses will allow more progression and our FFK will benefit most from the experience.
We cover health, nutrition, fitness and fire safety.
We can work with schools to include criteria and produce a tailor made package. Which are suitable for all age groups and abilities.
We can work in the smallest of rooms, largest of halls and even use outside space.
No equipment or facilities necessary.
We can provide family days or even adult only sessions.