single session

Our single sessions are an intense snapshot of everything FFK. These fire related sessions are super fun and interactive. We touch on all of our educational elements in just a 60 minute session.

The session allows the children to hear about our lives in the fire service and also ask questions.

Our FFK make the session and we want them to be as active and involved as possible. The knowledge which we teach them is an investment into their future and we are hoping to teach them skills which will give them the tools to have a healthier, happier and safer life.

Fire safety

As firefighters we’re able to draw on our knowledge and experience to teach children and their families how to be safer at home and what to do in the event of a fire.

We receive a lot of admiration from children and we find that this gives them the confidence to ask questions and actively listen to advice. The information and advice we provide ranges from testing smoke alarms, identifying fire hazards and basic life saving skills. Some of which we incorporate in our HIIT sessions.

All the advice will be available as a handout to encourage the children to share the information with their families and also complete tasks and challenges we have set.

Personal Introduction
Intro to us. Who, what, why.

Fire safety advice

  • Smoke alarm demonstration and advice

  • How to call the emergency services

  • What to do in the event of a fire

  • Q & A


  • Cover nutrition and demonstrate portion sizes.

  • Explain the importance of breakfast and 5 a day.


  • Raise awareness regarding sugary drinks and provide tips on how to stay hydrated.

  • Q. Did you know a carton of Ribena contains 26g of sugar?

  • The recommended maximum daily sugar intake for a 4-6 year old is only 19g!!

Raise awareness about how active our FFK should be and introduce new ideas on how to be more active.

Hiit session
A fun ‘House Fire Drill’ exercise class. The session will also include a warm up, dynamic stretches, cool down and stretching.

To finish

  • Rob’s firefighter story time (time and age group permitting)

  • Recap of the learning points.

  • Reading material and challenges to take home.